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The story of Lactalis Ingredients Pharma

Lactalis Ingredients Pharma arises from the rich history of the Lactalis Group, starting from its birth in Laval, France, in 1933. Since then, the vocation of the Lactalis Group has been to transform milk in all its forms to offer the best dairy products to the broadest range of consumers. Thanks to the acquisition of multiple companies and factories along the way, the expertise and reliability of Lactalis Ingredients grew to be the trusted and qualitative supplier known today.

Thus, Lactalis Ingredients Pharma is the outcome of a prosperous journey succeeding in the qualification to be an expert pharmaceutical grade lactose supplier.

Our company’s milestones


The start of a great ascension

André Besnier starts a family business in Laval (France) and collects the first 35 liters of milk for his company that will later become the largest dairy products group in the world.


Entering the ingredients market

Lactalis Group valorizes the by-products of its dairy activity by supplying added-values ingredients to the food market.


The expansion of the ingredients factories

Lactalis Group keeps increasing the drying capacities and global foothold of Lactalis Ingredients thanks to strategic acquisitions.



Investing in the security of supply

Lactalis Group invests in multiple companies and factories, thus consolidating Lactalis Ingredients’ supply and entering new territories.



Construction of the Retiers pharmaceutical lactose unit

Lactalis Ingredients builds the lactose manufacture of Retiers (France) to produce pharmaceutical grade lactose with new state-of-the-art processes for incoming Lactalis Ingredients Pharma.


The birth of Lactalis Ingredients Pharma

Supported by experts and equipped with state-of-the-art technologies, Lactalis Ingredients launches a new brand to enter the pharmaceutical grade lactose supplier market: Lactalis Ingredients Pharma.

Lactalis Ingredients Pharma’s roots

In 2017, with already 18 factories including 3 manufactures of high-value lactose, Lactalis Ingredients invested in the construction of Retiers’ site. The new workshop dedicated to produce high purity lactose is equipped with state-of-the-art technologies to comply with the requirements of the pharmaceutical market. Thanks to these investments and Lactalis Ingredients’ 50 years of experience, Lactalis Ingredients Pharma was born with the capacity to be a reliable expert in lactose excipients. We now aim to supply manufacturers and health companies in their needs of pharmaceutical lactose, in accordance with our core values of expertise, quality and reliability.

50 years of experience