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Lactalis Ingredients Pharma: A Commitment to Climate and Water Resource

Fighting climate change and adjusting our activities to this new context are essential priorities of our CSR strategy. We embrace a continuous policy of certifications and constantly seek innovative solutions aimed at greater efficiency, sobriety, and performance. We are firmly committed to the path of sustainability.

Our commitments

Reducing our carbon footprint across the value chain

Preserving water

Reducing Our Carbon Footprint Across the Value Chain

Lactalis Ingredients Pharma acknowledges the importance of reducing its carbon footprint across its entire value chain. To reduce our carbon footprint, we act on our own operations (scopes 1 and 2) and identify our impact across our entire value chain (scope 3). To achieve this, the Lactalis group is implementing a carbon neutrality approach by 2050 and has set the following objectives:

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from our activities (scopes 1 and 2,
baseline year 2019)

25% reduction by 2025
50% reduction by 2033

Leading the way in terms
of decarbonization across
our entire value chain

to achieving
carbon neutrality
by 2050

Examples of concrete actions:

Transition from coal to natural gas at our Retiers site, thereby reducing CO2 emissions by 36% compared to 2019.

Implementation of a solid fuel recovery boiler project at Retiers, scheduled to be operational by the end of 2026, which will enable an additional 60% reduction in CO2 emissions compared to 2019

Preserving Water Resources

Water is omnipresent in our activities, from its initial use to water animals to its downstream treatment in a purification plant. That’s why we ensure to preserve this resource with one objective:

-10% m3 of water used/ton produced:

Reduce our water consumption per ton produced
by at least 10% by 2025.

Examples of concrete actions:

Recovery and reuse of water in production processes. Currently, 30% of the water consumed is extracted from milk and whey. Reduction of water withdrawals by -10% between 2019 and 2022, equivalent to a reduction of 350,000 cubic meters of water per year.

As Lactalis Ingredients Pharma, we are fully aligned with the objectives of Lactalis Ingredients
and implement the group’s guidelines. Lactalis Ingredients publishes its Corporate Social Responsibility report. In its sustainability report, the company reports on its progress in key areas such as the environment, nutrition, as well as health and the development of its employees. This report documents how the company has advanced its responsible practices throughout the year 2021.

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