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Lactalpha: milled & sieved lactose monohydrate

Lactalpha product

Lactalis Ingredients Pharma introduces Lactalpha, a range of milled and sieved lactose monohydrate available from 50 to 150 mesh. Conforming to the lactose monograph of the current Pharmacopoeias (Ph. Eur., USP-NF and JP), Lactalpha can be used for tablet manufacturing through wet or dry granulation, sachet and capsule filling.

Manufactured in Retiers, France, with brand-new state-of-the-art installations, our lactose monohydrate brings together experience and expertise to formulate your OSD.

Lactalpha 50

Sieved 50 mesh lactose monohydrate

Lactalpha 100

milled and sieved lactose

Milled 100 mesh lactose monohydrate

Lactalpha 150

Milled 150 mesh lactose monohydrate